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Help topics for interested people, answers for often asked questions

Ingrids Travel Board - Help Center
A guest in the board
If you open a page of Ingrids Travel Board without being logged in you are a guest for the system. Guests can read and search in the open subboards and have a look to the statistics, that is all they can do.
Some functions of the board require JavaScript, but it is not absolutely neccessary.
Registering as a member
To write postings or answers in a board you have to register. This is mainly for legal reasons. The procedure and known problems are explained on an special page.
After registering and later with every visit you will login withe the Login-Button to the board. With that you willget the rights to write postings and internal messages and will have access to internal messages for yourself. The procedure and known problems are explained on an special page.
Registered members can add dates and events to the calendar after logging in. They have an own profile with individual settings and can have a look to the public part of the profiles of other members. It ist possible to communicate by ICQ i.E. with other members, if the addresses are published in the profile.
If you want to go from the board to any other page in the web you should do that with the Logout-Button. After that you are offline for the other members and the cookies on your own PC will be reset correctly.
Own profile
If you are registered as a member and logged in to the board you can do a lot of settings with the Profile-button, what you want to show others about yourself and how your postings in the board should look like. This is explained on an special page.
Main page of the board

For a better orientation Ingrids Travel Board is divided in some sub board which are ordered by some categories. That makes it easier for you to select what is most interesting for you.
In front of the line with the single sub boards a symbol shows the registered member, if here something is new since hist last visit. You also can mark als postings as read for yourself.
Down below under the categories and the sub boared is the info center with the last recent posts, the member list, statistics and the online-marker with the members logged in actually.
Overview for one board

An opened board is shown as a list of threads. A new thread or a thread with a new answer will be shown on top of the list. There is shown how many answers and views a thread did collect. If the list of threads is longer than one page you will have links to the other pages on top and bottom of the list.
If a threas has got a special status this is shown by a appropriate symbol. You can open the single thread with the link in the fiels subject.
On top of the list of threads is a navigation menu to the categories on the main page. Below you can find the description to the thread symbols and a selection box for every subboards of the board.
If you are a member and logged in the threads new for yourself are marked. You can start a new thread or mark all threads as read for yourself.
start new thread
Like in other boards or in the usenet you should try to find a gentle diction in all your postings - mimic, moods and emphasis will get lost in the written form. That may cause missunderstanding in some debates.
Special attention should be donated to the subject and content when starting a thread: The subject should be short and describing and contain eventually the correct name, type, town or region. That will make the thread interesting for others and the search function will work better.
You may have a lot of questions, but a thread shoulb be concetrated to one question. You can start a lot of threads, each for every question wich seems to be possible to be seperated. With this procedure the answers can be more concret to the question. Otherwise in the heat of the discussion only half of the problems may attract attention.
The starting of a new thread is nearly the same as the posting of an answer, therefore the details are explained on the same special page like the answering.
Overview for one thread


Like in a subboard for each thread will appear a list with all postings, but completely with the content. On the left hand side of the text the authors information from their profiles will appear. The threads will appear in the timeline, this kind of presentation reduces the effect of dispersing in the end. The navigation in the thread is tha same as the navigation in the board with the links to the following pages, to the categories and to the main board.
In the header and footer to the thread you have some buttons: answer and print is self describing, send to sends an e-mail with a link to the thread, notify is a nice function: you will get an email-notification if an answer for this thread is posted.
Instead replying you can quote a posting, in this case a new posting will be produced as well. How to work with that is explained in detail on the page YaBBC-Tags. The autor of a posting can edit or delete it to correct errors or close the thread.
If you believe a posting is infame or outrageous or a violation of the board rules of goot behaviour you can send a comment about this posting with the button warn moderator to the administrator of the board. Please try a friendly internal message directly to the authors of that posting before, if they may not correct their posting.
At last there is a switch on top of the thread near the text "Author". With that you can compress a thread to show only postings of the starting member - and decompress again. That is quite usefull for longer reports spreading for more postings to fade out interruptions.
write an answer (or start thread)
Writing a posting is not so difficult, but the board offers some possibilities to beautify the posting, the details are explained on an extra page. Two things should be mentioned here: There is a preview, that can be used with no limit, until the posting looks as you intend. And while answering you can see the last postings below of the entry filed in a short list form, what will it make more easy to answer.
    YaBBC-Tags are markups in the text, which enable you to change the textcolor or to insert external links. While displaying the page these markup will be changed into HTML again. This feature can protect the board software from hacking.
The details to the many YaBBC-Tags are explained on an extra page.
If you are very interested in a special thread and can't have a look to the board all the time if an answer has arrived you can let the board notify you by e-Mail if you are a registered member. In the thread is a button notify to start that background function.
In the general menu of the board is the button notifications. There you can change the settings how the notify will work. That is explained on an extra page.
Internal messages
Registerd members can exchange internal messages in the system of the board. That enables a private communication without publishing the email addresses.
In the welcome line for each member on the main page will appear a link to the messages, and if there are new messages even with the button new messages. Ther you can manage your internal messages in an inbox and outbox, write new messages and change the settings. That is explained on an extra page.
After some time the overview will get lost with a lot of threads and postings. Therfore a search function is integrated, which helps you to find special threads and keywords easyly.
In the general menu of the board is the button Search for that. The details for searching are explained on an extra page.
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