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Help topics for interested people, answers for often asked questions

Help topics for notifications
The Author of a thread or an answer of even a just registered member can have superviced a thread which is important for him. In the form for editing the posting is a checkbox to check. If you look at the listing of a thread you will find the button notify. After that you will be asked, if you want an e-mail notification to this thread if an answer will arrive.
That will reduce the effort to control the board all the time if something has happened...

Did you mark a thread to be monitored you can check with the button notifictions (to find in the main menu, if you are logged in...) the actual status. There you can change the mode of being notified or remove special threads from the list of monitored ones. A link will lead to the marked threads.
Here on the help page the form doesn't work, naturally.

Ingrids Travel Board - Notification
Notification settings:
I would like to get an e-mail notification about new postings.
I would like to get an e-mail notification for the FIRST unread answer.
Threads with notifications activated:
You will be notified if postings for following threads will arrive:
Welcome to YaBB SE! von YaBB SE Dev Team

With a checkbox the notification function for one of the listed threads will be deactivated.


    Attention: An activated checkbox at one of the threads from the list of threads to be monitored will decativate the monitoring!. With the button Threads to be monitored the list will be refresched, the marked threads will be removed from the list. The button reset will uncheck all checked="checked" checkboxes, the monitoring will resume.
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