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Help topics for interested people, answers for often asked questions

Help for your personal profile
The personal profile is a collection of settings and data for every registered member of the board. You have to be logged in to change your profile. The content of the profile can partly be seen from every member. The values you insert here will show up together with the member name depending on the activated function in the board.
Some functions need JavaScript.

With the Profile-Button (in the menue on top or on the bottom of the page) you will ope a new Profile-Page, where you can do a lot of settings:

   Change Profile

This is your profile. You can decide which fields you may fill, but the fields called "Neccessary Values" can't be missed. These informations will be shown in a lot of functions of the board.

Attention: For security reasons you have to fill in your actual password in a password field near the top of the page (not shown in this help)!

Neccessary Values
Username: Register-Name for the database (no blanks please)
Individuel Sub-Titel:
Enter Passwort:
We reccommend to use 6 digits at least and to combine numbers and characters.
Retype Passwort:
This is the name shown in the board.
This must be a valid e-mail address.
Your first and your emergency password will be sent to this address!

Additional Information
Date of Birth: Month (MM)Day (TT)Year (JJJJ)

Website Titel:
Please fill in , if you enter an URL below.
Website URL:
Please enter the complete URL, if you have one (http://www.meineseite.com).

Your ICQ-Nummber.
Your AOL Instant Messenger Name.
Your MSN messenger email address:
Your Yahoo! Instant Messenger Name.

Personal short Text:
Personal Picture:
You can select one of the pictures here or you can take your own one by inserting the complete URL (Example: http://www.mypage.com/pic.gif) for your own picture. Only gif / jpg up to 80 x 80 pixels
I have my own picture:

Hide E-Mail address (recommendet)?
Language file (.lng):
Time Format:
HilfeThis selection is for the display of all date/time values in the whole board.
Time difference
Hours difference +/- between time on the board-server (CET) and your local time.

Actual Board Time: 06:33:10 pm

The signatures will be inserted at the end of every posting or internal message. You can use YaBBC Code in the signature.

Max 300; characters left:

Secret question:

Date of registering:

Attention: For security reasons you have to fill in your actual password in a password field near the top of the page (not shown in this help)! You can't change your profile without inserting the actual password!

After sending the values by the button Change Profile you will be shown the profile like the other members of the borad can see it, if they click on your username near your postings somewhere in the board. If you don't like the result you can do further changes using the Profile Button.
As you see you can remove your own membership from the board.
  Very important is the secret question: If you forgot your password you can get access to the board by answering the secret question.
This is a help function and takes credit of the fact, that most people can remember something better in a given context than as a artificial word with no context.
    Results: Near every posting you will write the entrys from the profile will show up as values or icons, if existant:
  •      Stars depending on the number of postings
  •      Is the author online or not?
  •      Link to the public part of the authors profile
  •      Link to the authors website
  •      mailto to the author
  •      msntalk to the author
  •      add the hotmail of the author to your hotlist
  •      AOL-Messenger of the author
  •      is the author online in icq?
  •    add the icq of the author to your hotlist
  •      send an internal message
  •      Yahoo Instant Messenger
Additional to that the own signature, the own avatar (that is your selected picture), the own title and so on will appar. Naturally that should not distract from the content of the posting...
    Problems: if you want to show your own picture in your profile it must be small as 80x80 and reachable on a public webspace. Not only on your own harddrive at home...
The selection of an other language file may result in some incorrect entrys on some pages, because some small changes I did in the software of the board are not reflected in the foreign language files (a shame).
The small icons for   or  are not shown with the actual board settings.
Less entries in your profile - especial for online connections - will result in a faster display of pages with your postings....
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