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Help topics for interested people, answers for often asked questions

Help topics about YaBBC-Tags
YaBBC-Tags are markup in the text, which is used in similar for from a lot of board software. The main reason for this internal markup is to protect the programs from inserting dangerous HTML-Code. Naturally there exist more tags than described here, but in Ingrids Travel Board the choices are limited to the most usefull tags for such a board - at least to keep it less confusing.
While writing a posting you can use buttons, wich will add the appropriate YaBBC-Tag to the text by JavaScript. Between the tags you can insert the text or link for the special purpose. The following table shows the buttons, which are available on the page for writing a posting and explains the usage.
Following the actual state of the editor that means: At first insert the tags, then insert the text or link in between...
Button Usage YaBBC-Tags in the text Effect
bold text [b]bold text[/b] bold text
italic text [i]italic text[/i] italic text
crossed out [s]crossed out[/s] crossed out
horizontal line [hr]
fontsize 1 to 6 [size=3]fontsize 3[/size] fontsize 3
link to the web [url]http://www.c303.de/[/url]
or adapted
[url=http://www.c303.de/]Michaels C303 site[/url]
Michaels C303 site
picture link [img]http://www. Ingridswelt.de/construction.gif[/img]
or adapted
[img width=100 height=70] picture-URL [/img]
e-mail address [email]c303@c303.de[/email] forenmaster@ingrids-welt.de
include a quote [quote]quoted source[/quote] site:
sited source
list   [list][*]one point
  [*]an other[/list]
  • one point
  • or
  • an other
selection textcolor [color=Magenta]that is Magenta[/color] that is Magenta
quote a posting [quote author= automatic link ]
text of posting[/quote]
quote from: admin 15.August 2002, 06:59:00
text of posting
hint: to answer in between the quoted text mark out your own text with the correct YaBBC-Tags end-quote and start-quote in the quoted text:

...first part of quotet [/quote]
own text
[quote] quoted text is going on.....
quote form: admin 15.August 2002, 06:59:00
...first part of quote
own text
quoted text is going on....
    Problem: The inserting of YABB-Tags and smilies doesn't work with all browsers, even if Javascript is activated. Firefox V.0.8 doesn't work, but Mozilla 1.4 or IE 6.0 do.
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