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Help topics for interested people, answers for often asked questions

Help for logging in
To write postings or to read internal messages you have to be logged in to the board. Two possibilities are given for a registered member to do this Login. These variants have different advantages depending on the purpose.
At first there is the direct login in the welcome line on top of the overview page, the single boards or the single threads. Insert Username and Passwort, press Login and that's all.

Login with Username, Passwort and Session Length

This method will be ok for the most members.
The second method with the coloured Login-Button (in the menue on top or on the bottom of the page and in the welcome line for the guest user) will open an extra Login-Page:

Session lenght in minutes:
Keep login session permanent:

Forgot Passwort?

Here you can adjust the time of validity for the login, may be less than one hour. This will affect the Cookies, which the browser will store to hold and secure the session.

More important is the link Forgot Passwort. With this link a new random password will be sent to the email address you have set while registering, if you really can't remember your old password...
Here you can chose between three methods:
  1. Send by name means the system will send it to the mail address that is stored with the username you insert.
  2. Send by E-mail means you have to insert the mail address, which should be the same as the one stored together with your last login name. A random address doesn't work.
  3. Secret question: Therefore you have to store a secret question and the answer for that in your profile. Very usefull.
With the first two methods you will get a new random password by mail, with the right answer to the secret question you get access to change your passwort at once by yourself. The new random password should be changed after the next successfull login in your profile. It is easy to keep it for this action in the mind of the computer by using copy and paste. Don't try to type random passwords, it will produce errors...

Remember Ingrids Reiseforum Passwort
by Username: by Email:
Ask me my secret question:
Normally we help you to get your password by sending a new random password to your e-mail address. But you can try to answer the secret question from your profile - if one exists. If you know the right answer you can insert a new profile by yourself at once.

    Problems: Sometimes it happends that you are logged in correctly, but you are Guest again if you change to a thread or a single posting. That looks as if the internal registration of the Cookies in your browser is failing. Folowing steps may help:
  • Change or stop Caching in the browser
  • Log out with the Logout-Button after logging in again
  • Change the session length, i.E. only on hour or less
  • Delete the coockies in the browser (look for cc_...)
  • Check everything with an other browser
  • Check it logging in with a PC of a friend
If you used a login name with blanks it may happen, that the first part of your name is exactly the name of an other member. In this case you will never be able to log in, we have to change your login-name.
If you can't get further: forenmaster@ingrids-welt.de will give support!
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