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Help topics for interested people, answers for often asked questions

Help topics to post an answer / open a thread
If you give an answer in a thread, open a new thread, quote a posting or write an internal message, the page to edit the posting is nearly the same in all cases. You can insert text in this form and enter a subject, and you can beautify your posting in several ways as well.
The buttons in this form i.E. for the symbol, the smileys or the YaBBC-Tags require JavaScript. The appropriate code will be inserted at the actual end of the text in the editor field, unfortunately it is not possible to format a text by selcting and clicking the format buttons.
For the YaBBC-Tags exists an explanation on a special page.

The most important button in this form is the preview. With that you can have a look, if all settings, the text and all linked elements will be shown in the correct way. You change the posting and use this function again and again, untill everything is ok. Here on the help page this doesn't work...
Attention: Bevore starting the Preview you should use the functions of your computer to mark and copy the text inserted. Otherwise you may be very angry, if just in the minute of sending your session may have been timed out and all the text is lost. With this tric you only need to start a new posting and insert the saved text. If you have produced total bullshit you can erase everything and all entered values with reset.

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Smiley: Smiley Zwinkernd Lächelnd Grinsend Ärgerlich Traurig Schockiert Cool Huch Augen rollen Zunge Verlegen Lippen versiegelt Unentschlossen Küsschen Weinen
Monitor: notyfy me if postings to this thread will arrive.

(if you don't like smileys...)

Shortcuts (nur IE6 und NS6): alt+s send, alt+p preview


Smileys: What do they mean, how to use them without JavaScript:

Smiley Icon meaning alternative text
Smiley   Smiley :)
Zwinkernd   Zwinkernd ;)
Lächelnd   Lächelnd :D
Grinsend   Grinsend ;D
Ärgerlich   Ärgerlich >:(
Traurig   Traurig :(
Schockiert   Schockiert :o
Cool   Cool 8)
Huch   Huch ???
Augen rollen   Augen rollen ::)
Zunge   Zunge :P
Verlegen   Verlegen :-[
Lippen versiegelt   Lippen versiegelt :-X
Unentschlossen   Unentschlossen :-\
Küsschen   Küsschen :-*
Weinen   Weinen :'(

    Problems: deactivating of the smileys affects only the integration of the small yello images: the alternative text will remain.
If you want to quote a posting you should have a view tho the special page about the YaBBC-Tags.
Inserting YABB-Tags or Smileys will not work in every browser, even if Javascript is activated. i.E. Firefox V.0.8 doesn't work, Mozilla 1.4 or IE 6.0 does....
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