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Help topics for interested people, answers for often asked questions

Help topics for searching in the board
The search function allows to find postings in the whole board or in parts of it following your own selection of keywords or member names. The result will be presented as a list of postings. The function is nearly self describing. only one thing I have to explain:
If you want to search postings or Threads by member - second entry line - , you must enter in the first entry line at least some word, i.E.. "der die das the it you" toghther with the setting "hit at least one word". If the first line is empty you will get 0 results.
Some functions require JavaScript.

Setting of search parameters
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Inseln im Indischen OzeanEuropa
Schiff AhoiArktis - Antarktis
ReisetalkMitglieder stellen sich vor
MeldestelleTipps und Termine
Bilder von ForentreffenLinktipps
Unterkunft (Werbung erlaubt)Vom Reisen leben (Werbung erlaubt)
Flüge & AirlinesKulinarische Weltreise
Koffer & CoLesestoff & Musik
Technik auf ReisenMedizinmann
off the beaten trackTestforum
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    Results: On the page with the results all postings will be shown that match the search. The subject of the posting is a link to the thred where the posting belongs to, below of that a link to the author of the thread and to the author of the posting shown.
If your are a registerd user and logged in you can answer and quote directly from the result page.
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